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Most Popular Business Insurance

Every business is at risk, even before they open their doors. Fortunately, there are a multitude of policies that can help protect a company.

Professional Liability Insurance

This insurance is also known as "Errors and Omissions" insurance which protects a business against negligence claims and claims for failing to perform.

Property Insurance

Whether you are leasing office space, or you own your building, every business needs this type of insurance to protect your equipment, inventory, and furniture.

Worker's Compensation Insurance

Every business with employees needs insurance which will cover an employee's medical care, disability, and unfortunately, death benefits, in the event they are injured at work.


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Auto insurance helps for accidents

Other Types Of Business Insurance

Product Liability Insurance

Any business manufacturing items for sale to the public needs product liability insurance to protect the company in the event of a lawsuit arising due to damages caused by the product.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

If you have vehicles owned by the business, you need to have them covered through an added policy. You even need to add vehicle insurance if you're employees use their own vehicles to deliver goods or services.

Business Income Insurance

This insurance will help in the event your business is impacted due to a covered loss, like a fire or storm.

Did You Know...

Here are some simple quick facts about business insurance

Businesses that are underinsured75%
Small businesses not carrying insurance40%
Small businesses with cyber insurance31%
Likelihood a business will file a claim40%
Businesses filing claims due to theft & burglaries20%
Small businesses preferring to make claims online36%