Healthcare Industry

Golden Compass Insurance prides itself on understanding the dynamics of the Healthcare Industry. The Healthcare Industry holds a special place in the owner’s heart. Growing up in the industry, the owner’s first job was as a dietary aid in one of his father’s nursing homes. Eager to understand the business side of the industry, he took a position in the business office. During his time in the business office, he experienced firsthand the struggles that many healthcare facility owners face.

Here at Golden Compass Insurance Services, we understand the stress of the day-to-day operations that may be overlooked. As a healthcare facility owner, you already have enough on your plate and insurance is the last thing that you want to deal with. We have made it our job to become a one-stop brokerage for healthcare facility owners to alleviate the stress of having to deal with multiple brokers.

We have exclusive programs tailored for the Healthcare Industry and we work to be a resource for our facility owners by networking with other companies that specialize just as we do, such as, billing, IT, Rehab, CPA’s, and so much more.

Our goal is to not be just another insurance brokerage, but rather to be the brokerage that takes whatever we can off your shoulders.  Allowing you to focus more on patient care instead of the day-to-day formalities that pull your attention away from what counts.

Golden Compass Insurance Services is always working to save our customers money, but more importantly, it is our mission to get our customer the best quality product for the best price without sacrificing coverage.

Coverage highlights of the General/Professional Liability Insurance programs

  • Includes Physical and Sexual Abuse for Healthcare Industries
  • $0 deductibles available for Healthcare Facilities
  • Onsite Risk Management for Healthcare Facilities
  • We deal with A.M. Best “A” Excellent Rated Carriers and Demotech Rated “A” Carriers
  • PL/GL Limits from $1 million to $15 million.
  • Claims Paid, Claims Made and Occurrence Forms are Available
  • Per Bed Average saving of 35% with some of our exclusive programs.
  • Regulatory Coverage for a “G” or higher deficiency-Defense Only
  • We can obtain a rough idea of premium with just a 1 page application and loss runs on some programs
  • With multi-location risk limits are separate and not shared
  • Policies of any premium size can be financed with as little as 15% down and 11 payments. (Subject to account history). Standard is 25% down and 10 payments.
  • Defense in addition to the limits of Insurance is available and standard on some of our programs

Coverage highlights of the Workers’ Compensation Insurance programs

  • Dedicated Claims Adjuster
  • We can assist with Captive Management or Establishment
  • Deductible or Dollar one programs available
  • Risk Management programs that have a proven track record to reduce your claims activity and lower your X-mod
  • Additional Policy credits with some programs if the GLPL is also written through us
  • The ability to hands on with your claims and have a say in how something is settled or handled on most programs.
  • Top Rated MPN (Medical Provider Networks) that are audited on a regular basis
  • Back to work programs
  • Programs for both Low and High X-mod accounts
  • Top WC Law firms are used

Other Specialized Insurance programs tailored to the Healthcare Industry

  • Property
  • Commercial Auto
  • Earthquake
  • Employee benefits
  • Executive reimbursement plans
  • Key Person Life Insurance
  • EPLI
  • D&O
  • Cyber Liability
  • 401k and Resident Trust Bonds (Healthcare Facility Bonds)